Why Self-Care?

This is a time where we probably have a heightened need to care for those in our lives. Many of us may have friends and family in a different state that we want to check in on. We are trying to stay up-to-date on information to care for ourselves and our loved ones.

So why now, more than ever, is it important to prioritize self-care? Brandy explains how our care for ourselves allows us to be a light for others, and to be better equipped to care for those around us. 

Stress & Anxiety Relief

If you are feeling stress and anxiety right now, you are not alone.
Here are a few ways to support yourself.

Dr. Katrina Bogdon asks, "Is Chronic Stress Affecting Your Health?"

Everyone experiences stress at one time or another, but chronic high stress, and how that stress is perceived, can be detrimental to your physical and mental health.

It can instigate feelings of anxiety and overwhelming fear. It can also weaken your immune system and overall health, leaving you susceptible to colds and flu, an increase in aches and pains, as well as many serious illnesses.

When most people think of stress, they usually limit their definition to mental and emotional stressors. Changing jobs or losing a loved one, for example, can send your stress (and cortisol) levels soaring.

However, events like blood sugar imbalances, inadequate sleep and inflammation, are also potent stimulators of cortisol production within the HPA axis. The result is an activation of the stress response system.

Take our free assessment to discover which of the 4 key stressors rule your life.

Stress Relief Moment
with Denise Bischof

Have you found yourself becoming anxious while listening to or reading the news? Do you feel the physical triggers of this anxiety (heart rate increase, tense shoulders, shortened breath)? Take a moment with this 3 minute video to step away from stressors, connect with your breath, and return to calm. Even if it’s just for a moment, you are doing something positive for yourself and ultimately the world.

In the rush to return to normal, use this time to consider which parts of normal are worth rushing back to. If you need help navigating change with more ease and grace, Denise can help. Schedule your free 45 minute Discovery Session and see if Live Inspired coaching programs are right for you.

5 Simple Strategies for a Calmer, Happier You

As we navigate big changes in our world and in our lives, it is normal to take some time to find our way. Creating a daily routine that makes your physical, mental, and emotional well-being a priority is the most self-less thing you can do right now. It’s only when you pour into yourself that you can shine your light and share your best with others. Here are some powerful and practical tools that will help you restore calm, cultivate mindfulness, and reignite your joy and passion for life.

Guided Meditations with Denise

Nutrition and Self-Care

Ways to nourish yourself inside and out.
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One Pan Chicken & Vegetables
Chicken Vegetable Soup (Full Recipe HERE)
Learn which foods can help supply essential nutrients for cellular resiliency.

At Home Facial Massage with Kyle Rouse

Try these at home techniques for glowy, firmer skin! 

Kyle is offering free video Skin Analysis Appointments. To schedule, email her at kylebridget@gmail.com. You can also still order Eminence Organics Skincare through her online store and schedule a pickup or free delivery. Again, simply send her an email at kylebridget@gmail.com.

Stay Safe with Natural Approaches

Katrina Bogdon, ND provides cautions for using natural approaches, particularly as information comes out regarding the current situation. The biggest takeaway? Consider working with a professional for your specific, individual needs.
2B Well is partnered with the Missouri Nutrition Alliance. This non-profit is near and dear to our hearts. Both Brandy Hickman and Brigitte Factor are co-founders and professional members. The MNA’s goal is to positively impact and foster cultural changes toward healthier lifestyles within the communities its members serve.

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